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Bretton Woods digital AG is setting new standards in the digital world of finance.

We are your trusted assistant in transitioning your financial portfolio to the digital age of value creation and preservation. Rest assured that transparency and professionalism are the highest priority for you and for us.

The Company

Bretton Woods digital AG is a Swiss company specializing in the digitalization of value-preserving assets.

The digitalization process we use is based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which enables us to lower transaction costs and speeds significantly, while providing absolute security and immutability.

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The Idea

The original Bretton Woods gold standard system was the origin of our idea. Traditionally, the gold standard had secured the international financial market and its reserve currencies for decades.

With the goal of supporting you in hedging assets with real-world value once again, we have come a long way and revived the gold standard of Bretton Woods. This time, easily fitting in our modern digital world.

Debit Card

We proudly present the Bretton Woods digital Debit Card – a blend of the solidity of precious metal and the flexibility of modern payment options.

Our Card merges all the conveniences of a traditional debit card with the unique security and prestige of genuine gold. It offers you the freedom and flexibility to make payments, withdraw cash, and shop online worldwide, coupled with the unparalleled feeling of holding actual gold in your hands – your gold, securely stored and accessible at any time.

The BWG Platform

Besides the use as a gold investment, the BWG token can be used as an international payment solution. We offer our customers the advantages of a traditional gold ownership paired with the flexibility of a modern payment solution.

By using a 100% gold-backed token you can invest by simply using your smartphone. In doing so, no matter if it’s a small or large payment, you can use your gold and its investment profits as a payment method. All without having to be concerned with the storage, logistics, and liquidation of your physical gold.

To illustrate more about the process, watch the video below:

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