About Us

While our Founders have a combined 50+ years of experience in business and finance, we have three core strengths:

1. Unparalleled Financial and Technological Expertise.

Our team consists of distinguished experts in finance and

technology, drawn from prestigious institutions such as

the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) and

the Berlin Institute for Financial Technology and Digital

Innovation (BIFID Institute). Our academic excellence

ensures innovative solutions and advanced strategies in

the financial sector.

2. Global Leadership and Innovation.

Our team unites exceptional talents from various countries,

positioning us to transcend geographical boundaries and

conventional barriers. This international collaboration enables us to

achieve unparalleled success, leveraging diverse perspectives to

foster innovation and leadership on a global scale.

3. Financial Strategies for Sustainable Development.

In partnership with leading sustainability experts, we are

not only addressing immediate financial and environmental

challenges but also setting the foundation for a sustainable

future. Our focus is on developing and implementing finance-

driven solutions that ensure responsible growth and

long-term ecological viability.

Our Management

Nobert M. Schmidt

Chairman of the board / co-founder

Chairman of the board of directors

Marketing and Sales

Prof. Dr Martin Uzik

Executive board / co-founder

Member of the board of directors IT

Finance-Business Administration

Technical Development

Our Partner

Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin)

As a public university renowned for its focus on business,

economics, administration, and legal studies, HWR Berlin

enriches our endeavors with extensive research

collaborations, a pipeline of talented interns and

prospective employees, and profound insights into

economic and legal frameworks.

Berlin Institute of Finance, Innovation, and Digitalization (BIFID)

This institute stands at the forefront of finance, innovation, and digital technology. Our partnership with BIFID grants us access to pioneering research, cutting-edge digital solutions, and invaluable networking opportunities with leaders in the industry.

FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority)

As the Swiss government authority responsible for financial regulation, FINMA's oversight ensures that we adhere to the highest regulatory standards. This partnership not only enhances our credibility but also supports our financial products and services with robust regulatory guidance.


A leader in the global payments industry, Mastercard facilitates seamless transaction processing between our merchants' banks and the card issuing banks. Our collaboration with Mastercard provides us with a vast, secure payment network, innovative payment solutions, and state-of-the-art security technologies.

Bank Frick

Specializing in private banking, payment services, and blockchain banking, Bank Frick offers expertise in both traditional and digital finance sectors. Our partnership allows us to leverage secure banking solutions and specialized services in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.


Quantstamp is at the helm of providing security for blockchain networks and smart contract auditing. Collaborating with Quantstamp significantly mitigates the risks associated with digital transactions by enhancing the security and reliability of our blockchain applications and smart contracts.

VQF (Financial Services Standards Association)

As a self-regulatory organization, VQF helps us comply with anti-money laundering regulations and maintain
high standards of financial conduct. This partnership is instrumental in reinforcing our operational credibility and ensuring trust in the markets we serve.

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